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New Patients

If you are facing or considering amputation, we want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. Being equipped with accurate information about what to expect can help relieve stress and  anxiety. The technology available to amputees is amazing, but what makes the biggest difference in your successful rehabilitation is that you have a Prosthetist who will listen to you and address your changing needs.   At BPOC, fitting a prosthesis is both an art and a science. It's also our passion. Each patient is unique and each prosthesis is created and sculpted just for you. We want you to understand the options you have so that you can be an active participant in the design of your prosthesis. Contact us to schedule a free consultation or to request a visit from our Prosthetist or a patient representative. 
  • "Boland Prosthetic is like a family. They give that personal touch! Every person there is so encouraging, understanding, genuinely concerned about me as a person and as a patient. There is a very friendly atmosphere in the office! Love the humor! The willingness of Paul, Curtis, Gary and Matt to work endlessly to make my prosthetic right is amazing! I know I am in good hands! I have all the confidence in the world in this staff! I knew this was the place I needed to be when I talked to Paul before the amputation of my left foot and he said, "We will be praying for you! We look forward to seeing you when you are ready!" Thank you Amy Talcott for referring me to Boland Prosthetics!"
  • "I always feel the staff cares about me. Thanks for the outstanding service."
  • "The entire staff was so friendly and helpful they made me feel very happy about my visit and all stress was gone I really appreciate the service that was tendered."
  • "Very knowledgeable about feet and problems of the feet; know the latest of techniques due to research, and able to apply knowledge to my particular foot issues; very thankful for their service being available to me."
  • Thanks for being so courteous. I know many patients you all see have chronic pain like myself but the kind and professional staff here always greet with a smile and I feel like family here. Gary and staff keep up the good work. I'm hoping to one day be able to jog again or play basketball and many other things I did before my job injury but for now I'm just going to continue with my nice foot cast blue rocker and crutches just to provide some comfort while I see what happens next. You guys are great. Thanks."
  • "Extremely pleased with Boland Prosthetics. Professional, informed, warm. I feel they have led me throughout difficult time, making the success of goals a priority and not accepting anything less!"
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